Leopards Fascination with Mirror Intrigues Elephants

An intriguing encounter occurred in the depths of a secluded Gabonese forest as a narcissistic leopard discovered a mirror.

Captured by motion-activated cameras, the footage revealed the leopard’s captivating reactions, shedding light on the rare phenomenon of animal self-recognition.

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At first, the leopard stood before the mirror, unsure of its nature. Mistaking his reflection for another leopard, he emitted growls and assumed an aggressive stance. Gradually, however, he began to comprehend that the image he saw was his own.

As the leopard continued his scrutiny of the mirror, a herd of elephants suddenly stormed into the scene, aiming to intimidate him. Being natural predators, the elephants sought to establish fear of their potential threat.

Contrary to expectations, the leopard did not flee. Instead, he patiently lingered nearby, awaiting the elephants’ departure from the mirror’s vicinity.


The elephants, unaware of their reflections, hurriedly circled the mirror.

Once the elephants retreated into the shelter of the tree line, the leopard cautiously returned to the mirror. Unaffected by the elephants’ presence, he resumed the admiration of his own reflection.

French photographer Xavier Hubert-Brierre set up a large mirror and hidden cameras in the Gabon rainforest

The leopard went even further, reclining in front of the mirror, fully comfortable with his self-image. The allure of his appearance fascinated him, captivating his attention and fueling his narcissistic fascination.

During one of his visits, the leopard was interrupted by a curious  herd of elephants
The herd chased him off but did not seem as enamored with their own reflections as the elegant big cat. The mirror completely spooked them.

Watch the video below:

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