Leopard’s Sneaky Hunt for Impala Foiled by Alert Elephant’s Trumpet and Charge

A vigilant elephant thwarted a leopard’s attempt to hunt an impala for dinner in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

The scene unfolded as the impala drank at a watering hole while the leopard lay in the grass nearby.

Unbeknownst to the leopard, an elephant stood just a few feet away. Initially, the leopard didn’t react to the elephant’s first trumpet warning, as it focused on its prey.


However, after the elephant released a second trumpet blast and charged, the big cat finally acknowledged its cover was blown and retreated.

The leopard – on the far left, crouching in the grass – waits to pounce on an impala at a watering hole in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Source: Daily Mail

Judy Lehmberg, who captured the video while on a tour of the park on June 7, expressed sympathy for the leopard’s failed hunting attempt but also found humor in the situation.

Lehmberg explained that elephants despise lions and leopards and do not tolerate their presence.


She added that the leopard was so preoccupied with the impala that it didn’t notice the elephant initially.

Lehmberg concluded that the incident serves as a reminder always to be prepared for unexpected occurrences, especially in Kruger National Park, where boredom can quickly turn into excitement.

The big cat prepares to make a dash for the oblivious beast and enjoy an antelope dinner in footage taken by tourist Judy Lehmberg on June 7. Source: Daily Mail
Just then, an elephant lets rip a massive blast – but the predator does not initially react until the great beast emits a second blow of its trunk. Source: Daily Mail
Realizing its cover has been blown, the big cat slinks off when the elephant charges. Source: Daily Mail
Ms. Lehmberg said: ‘I did feel sorry for the leopard that it didn’t get to make a kill. But it made me laugh because I knew what would happen as soon as I spotted the elephant. Source: Daily Mail
The herd of antelope continues lapping away at the watering hole after the danger has passed. Source: Daily Mail

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