Lion falls in love with the white tigress, and together they escape from the zoo

Meet the lion Cameron and the white tiger Zaba who are madly in love.

It’s the lion Cameron and the white tiger Zabu. Believe it or not, they are madly in love. Both were raised in a zoo in New England in poor conditions and had only one goal – to make ligers.

The Zabu tigress suffered from a genetic defect caused by crossbreeding, and the Cameroon lion weighed up to 200 pounds. Fortunately, they were both rescued a few years later: “When Zabu and Cameron were saved, we built a large natural fence for the two to share as they were really bonded together like a couple”. However, another problem arose afterwards.

Over time, Cameron became very possessive of Zabu, which meant he became dangerous to the zookeepers. And that means they have to make decisions on their behalf; sterilized or permanently separated from Zabuu…. This decision is by no means easy to be made…

So they decided to have him sterilized, which meant that, unfortunately, he lost his beautiful mane, but it was a small price to pay to stay with his true love.

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