Love in the Wild: Mating Lions Bring 100-Car Traffic Jam to a Halt!

A passionate encounter between two lions led to an unexpected traffic jam at South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

The amorous pair were caught in the act in the middle of the road, resulting in a long queue of over 100 vehicles.

The mating lions seemed unfazed by the audience of cars and curious onlookers. The traffic build-up lasted more than 20 minutes as drivers attempted to create noise, hoping to encourage the lions to move off the road.


Catherine van Eyk, a 27-year-old tourist, was among the first to arrive at the scene and captured the event on film.

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A female and male lion can be seen dossing in the middle of the street, creating a build-up in traffic. But the traffic worsens when the couple starts a mating session in front of the cars. Source: Daily Mail

Despite the growing number of vehicles, Van Eyk expressed her surprise at the lions’ nonchalant behavior: “We expected them to move off into the bush away from the cars, but they didn’t seem bothered at all until people started making noise.”

As the lions continued their intimate encounter, vehicles had to slowly navigate off the road, with only enough space for a single lane.


Van Eyk also noted that there were no other lions in sight, explaining that mating pairs typically separate from their pride and reunite a few days after completing their tryst.

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Cars had to veer off the road as the pair mated for more than 20 minutes as drivers tried to make noise in hopes of getting the lions to move. Source: Daily Mail
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Source: Daily Mail
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Tourist Catherine van Eyk, 27, filmed the mating session and said she was one of the first cars at the scene. She said that by the time the lions were finished, about 120 cars had built up in a traffic jam. Source: Daily Mail
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Van Eyk said that she and other tourists were ‘surprised’ that the lions continued to mate, despite hundreds of cars encircling them. Source: Daily Mail
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Van Eyk said that she and other vars watched the two lions for about 20 minutes. She added that she was one of the first 20 cars on the scene. Source: Daily Mail
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Van Eyk said that cars had great difficulty moving around the pair of lions as they mated in the middle of the national park’s road. Source: Daily Mail

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