Video Mama dog and three puppies abandoned on the roadside now have a happy ending

A mother dog and her puppies were abandoned for a few days by the side of the road. Dog Rescue Shelter went out soon after receiving the call about them.

The man called them to say they tried to feed the dog, but she just growled and refused.

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Dog family inside the tall grass. The mama dog looked so calm when the rescuers approached. She didn’t growl at them and even took their reward.

Perhaps she knew they were coming to help her and her children. She trusted them and let the rescuer gently stroke her.

They found the two puppies and took the whole family to their car, where they had prepared a safe place for them. Then they returned to the roadside to see if there were any dogs left. In fact, they found another pup under the lawn.


The mother dog has three adorable puppies. Rescuers continued to search the area for several minutes, and after making sure there were no more puppies, they began moving the dogs to a new home.

The whole family is now safe in a foster home, where they will receive all the care they need. A month later, the puppies grew up so fast. They were a few days old, and their eyes did not open when they were found, but now they are healthy and can eat dry food.


Sometimes, the puppies are still nursing, and they have created a comfortable place for them to play so that the mother dog also has a relaxing time with her cat friend Megi.


Amazingly, three months later, all the dogs have been adopted! Thanks to these wonderful families, they have found forever homes with caring owners.

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