Man Befriends Bear Over The Years, Then She Brings Her New Cubs To Meet Him

Despite their size and power, bears can also be endearing creatures. A man in Asheville, North Carolina, has been visited by a black bear for years. Recently, she introduced him to her newborn cubs in a heartwarming moment captured on video.

Black bears are common in this region of the United States, often living near humans. For Patrick Conley, a bear family became a regular presence in his life in the late summer of 2017, gradually forming a bond with him.

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In the viral video, the ber named Simone emerges from the woods to greet Patrick, followed by her first litter of cubs.

Patrick is shocked by the adorable sight and shares his enthusiasm in the video description, noting that the cubs are the “cutest things ever to walk these woods.”

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Simone confidently approaches Patrick’s porch with her cubs trailing behind her. Though the cubs are initially cautious, they eventually join their mother, demonstrating their trust in her. Patrick is amazed at the close interaction with these typically elusive animals.


After some time, the bear family departs Patrick’s porch and explores nearby. The cubs playfully climb a tree while their mother keeps a watchful eye. Eventually, Simone leads her young ones back into the forest, returning home.

Patrick observes that Simone appears well-fed and anticipates more visits from his bear friends.

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Viewers can follow this unique relationship on Patrick’s YouTube channel, where he documents his experiences with the bears.


The track features videos of the bear family, including Maïté, the mother, and her three offspring: Maurice, Solange, and Simone.

As the two new cubs join the family, Patrick has the delightful task of choosing their names. This touching encounter with nature is a beautiful reminder of the beauty and wonder of the animal kingdom.

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Watch the video below:


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