Man Befriends Bear Over The Years, Then She Brings Her New Cubs To Meet Him

Bears are commonly known as ferocious, dangerous creatures, but they also have a soft side.
This is perfectly demonstrated below, where a man and a black bear have developed a strong and unique bond.

Mama Bear has often visited Patrick Conley over the years, and one day she brought her newborn cubs to see him!
Patrick is from Asheville, North Carolina, where black bears are common and comfortable with humans.

The bear population in this part of the United States is booming, and this is partly because bears have adapted to living among humans.
You can see in the video, the mama bear Simone comes out of the woods to say hello.

This in itself was a regular occurrence for Patrick, nothing out of the ordinary. But for her this time, she brought her first litter of cubs to meet him.
He really couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the lovely family of cubs playing behind the mom.

“The cubs are the cutest things ever to have walked in this forest, but I’m a little biased,” he wrote in the caption for the video.
Simone was already Patrick’s best friend, so for him, meeting the cubs was like meeting a new family member.

And you can see how close and comfortable Simone feels when she’s with Patrick, as she walks straight onto the porch with her cubs right behind her.
The cubs clearly don’t feel as comfortable as their mothers, as they hesitate a bit before jumping onto the porch.

But in the end, all three of them were on the porch to greet Patrick, and understandably, he was terrified.
A bear, commonly known to be fearsome, is very friendly with Patrick, a human, and trusts him so much that he meets her vulnerable newborn babies. Incredible!

They both ran to the nearest tree to climb and play, with Simone following closely behind. They are still getting used to this new world.
After exploring, climbing, and playing around, Simone signaled it was time to go, and the trio disappeared into the woods.

Pɑtrick pointed out thɑt Simone looks well-fed ɑnd heɑlthy.

Check out Patricks’ Youtube channel to see his story with Simone from the early beginnings.

Watch the full video of the encounter below:

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