Man Fined 5,000 Baht for Risky Encounter with Wild Elephant Near Khao Yai National Park

A man, identified as Arkom, 44, has been fined 5,000 baht for violating the National Park Act of 2019 after he approached a wild elephant while driving past Khao Yai National Park.

The incident came to light through a video clip showing Arkom’s silver-bronze pickup truck close to a wild elephant. Park officials were concerned that his actions could have provoked the elephant and posed a significant danger to both Arkom and the animal.

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Following the discovery of the video, Mr. Chaiya Huayhongthong, the chief of Khao Yai National Park, instructed park rangers to locate the driver responsible for the encounter. Arkom was subsequently tracked down and brought to the park office in Pak Chong district.

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During the investigation, it was revealed that Arkom had entered the national park through the Chao Pho Khao Yai shrine in Pak Chong district. The incident occurred on a bend between kilometers 28-29 on the way to the Noen Hom exit.

Arkom admitted to coming across the wild elephant on the road but claimed that the animal did not appear aggressive. Nevertheless, he stopped his vehicle, got out, and approached the elephant to record a video.


Park officials informed Arkom that his actions violated multiple sections of the National Park Act of 2019, and he could have faced a fine of up to 100,000 baht. However, considering the circumstances, Arkom was fined 5,000 baht for the offense.

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Encountering wild animals can be thrilling, but it is crucial to remember that wild animals are unpredictable, and approaching them can be extremely dangerous.

The National Park Act aims to protect both visitors and the wildlife that inhabits these areas, and it is essential to adhere to its guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety.


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