Man Rescues Severely Wounded Fox, Becomes Unlikely Best Friends

A heartwarming friendship developed between a man and a badly injured fox he rescued from the side of a road.

The Fox Project in Tunbridge Wells, England, saved the red fox named Cropper. Cropper couldn’t return to the wild after suffering from severe injuries and toxoplasmosis.

Faced with the decision to euthanize him or find him a home, the rescue chose to save his life.


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Retired engineer Mike Trowler, an enthusiast of fox behavior, took Cropper in and lovingly nursed him back to health. Mike also helps orphaned fox cubs, raising them until they can be released into the wild.

Cropper became a part of Mike’s family, sharing food with the dog, snuggling with the cats, and enjoying walks and belly rubs with Mike. The two shared six happy years until Cropper’s passing in 2007.


Mike has since taken in another fox, Jack, who also suffers from health issues. Jack, like Cropper, has found companionship with Mike, even watching TV and tolerating baths.

However, Mike emphasizes that foxes shouldn’t be kept as pets and that rescuing them requires patience, understanding, and knowledge of fox behavior.

Man Rescues Severely Wounded Fox Becomes Unlikely Best Friends 1

The Fox Project, a Wildlife Information Bureau, and Fox Deterrence Consultancy, was founded in the UK in 1991, with a Wildlife Hospital added in 1993. Each year, they treat approximately 700 foxes and 250 cubs.

Man Rescues Severely Wounded Fox Becomes Unlikely Best Friends 2

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