Man’s Daring Playtime with 400lb Tiger Captivates the Internet

What might first appear as a terrifying encounter with a 400lb tiger is, in reality, a playful game between a man and his feline companion.

Randy Miller, a 45-year-old father of two, showcases his courage and love for his tiger, Eden, in a captivating scene.

Image 2173
Power: Eden, the 400lb tiger, prepares to pounce on her trainer Randy Miller.

Miller, a professional animal trainer, has raised Eden since she was a cub, cultivating a deep bond and understanding between them.


The gripping scene involves Eden jumping an impressive 15 feet in the air before seemingly launching an attack on Miller.

Image 2174
Attack: Mr Miller prepares for the impact after the tiger has launched herself into the air

However, the supposed mauling is a well-rehearsed act, carefully orchestrated for the cameras. Miller trusts Eden implicitly, as they’ve spent countless hours training together.

But, he warns, not anyone could replicate such a stunt. ‘An untrained individual would likely suffer serious injuries or worse,’ he cautions.


Miller’s bond with his animals extends beyond Eden. At his training facility in Big Bear, California, he’s prepared a multitude of creatures for starring roles in major films such as “Transformers 2” and “The Last Samurai.”

Image 2175
Impact: The full strength of the tiger can be seen as Mr. Miller begins to fall to the ground
Image 2176
Double act: The tiger trainer appears to be in trouble as the big cat pins him to the ground – but it is all just an act

Miller’s bond with his animals is cemented by mutual respect and affection, not fear. He believes this relationship, based on trust and empathy, is the secret to his success. “These animals see me as their father figure,” he explains.

His unique rapport with these magnificent creatures was instrumental in securing a top stunt award for his work in Russell Crowe’s “Gladiator.”


During a gripping tiger attack scene, the film utilized his expert handling skills to superimpose Crowe’s face onto his own. The tiger in question was another of Miller’s trained companions, Tara.

Image 2177
Frightening: Once he has him on the ground, the tiger appears to begin to maul Mr Miller.
Image 2178
Performance: Despite Mr Miller’s pained expression, the staged attack is all part of an act

Despite the challenges, such as when Tara bit through his fake leather armor, Miller takes it all in stride. “It wasn’t a big deal. She just liked the smell and got possessive of it,” he shrugs off.

As Tara enters her twilight years and embraces a more peaceful life on the ranch, Eden is primed to take her place as Hollywood’s next feline star.


With her youthful energy and fierce playfulness, Eden is ready to step into Tara’s paw prints.

Image 2179
Strength: Mr Miller rears his animals from birth and prepares them for roles in blockbuster films
Image 2180
Trained: The animal trainer said while the tiger is ‘dependable,’ Mr Miller was still required to be cautious and ‘play his role’
Image 2181
Prepared: The expert handler said he must always be wary because ‘it’s in a predator’s instincts to prey on the weak, and it can come at any time.’
Image 2182
Lifelong bond: Mr Miller bottle and hand-fed Eden from birth and eventually taught her to jump on him for food rewards
Image 2183
Image 2184
Lethal: Despite their bond, Mr Miller says he is all too aware of the danger the tiger poses.
Image 2185
Image 2186
Connection: Mr Miller said it is love and affection that helps him command his animals with precision
Image 2187
Performers: Mr Miller has trained creatures for roles in Transformers 2, The Last Samurai and many other big-screen productions

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