Mean Bean: 1952 International Street Truck

The NSRA Street Rod Nationals is an annual event held in Louisville, Kentucky, organized by the National Street Rod Association.

This annual event, which will celebrate its 51st year in August 2020, brings together car enthusiasts, custom builders, and visitors from around the world to celebrate their love for street rods.

Attending this incredible show gives you the opportunity to see unique handmade street rods that you won’t find anywhere else.


Some lucky individuals, like Scottie, the owner and host of a popular YouTube channel, have had the chance to attend. He filmed a video at the NSRA Street Rod Nationals and shared it with us so we could enjoy it, too.

In today’s video, we’re checking out a 1952 International Street Truck known as Mean Bean. This is an exceptionally cool car with impressive details, just as its name suggests.

The video provides a closer look at all the details of this amazing machine. Take a moment to check it out and enjoy!


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