Meet Ambam: The Gorilla Who Walks Upright and Captivates the Internet

Primates have long fascinated us, providing a glimpse into our evolutionary history. The way they move, with limbs reminiscent of our own, often strikes a chord of familiarity.

Their expressions seem to hold a deep understanding, leaving us in awe.

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Ambam, a remarkable 27-year-old western lowland gorilla in a Kent, England, animal park, has taken this intrigue to a new level.

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Unlike most of his kind, Ambam has mastered walking upright and standing on his hind legs for prolonged periods.

While gorillas occasionally stand on two legs, Ambam’s frequency and ease have propelled him to internet stardom, thanks to captivating video footage captured at the Port Lympne wild animal park near Hythe.

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This extraordinary behavior isn’t exclusive to Ambam alone. His sister Tamba and her two-year-old son Kabale also showcase similar talents.

Phil Ridges, the head of gorillas at the park, explains, “All gorillas can stand upright to some degree, although they often choose not to.

But Ambam and his sister have a particular talent at standing and walking completely upright on two legs.”

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Ambam, weighing a robust 220kg and holding a potential lifespan of 30 to 50 years, was born in 1990 at Howletts, an affiliated park site.

However, his journey wasn’t without challenges. Falling ill at just one year old, Ambam had to be separated from his mother, Shumba, and raised by hand for several months. This experience may have contributed to his unique behaviors.

The western lowland gorillas, like Ambam, face an uncertain future. Their population, dwelling in some of Africa’s densest and most remote rainforests, has plummeted by over 60% in the last two to three decades, primarily due to the threats of poaching.


As we marvel at Ambam’s human-like abilities, his story serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need to protect and conserve these magnificent creatures and their habitats.

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