Meet Popeye: The Starving Stray Turned Foodie Furry Friend Taking LA by Storm

A heartwarming story unfolds in the bustling streets of Los Angeles as a once-homeless pup now explores the city’s culinary delights.

In 2014, Ivy Diep stumbled upon a thin and matted stray dog whom she lovingly named Popeye.

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Recognizing the dog’s plight, Diep welcomed him into her home, where Popeye seamlessly integrated into family life alongside Diep’s spouse and other furry companions.


What started as an ordinary Instagram date for Diep and her partner soon evolved into something extraordinary when Popeye tagged along.

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Their routine of reviewing restaurants on Instagram, capturing moments with photographs, and sampling new culinary experiences took on a new dimension with Popeye’s charming presence.

Surprisingly, Popeye proved to be an exemplary dining companion, displaying impeccable manners around food and even posing for adorable pictures with a smile.


But fret not; Popeye indulges only in canine-friendly treats carefully curated by his devoted owners. Witnessing Popeye’s remarkable dining etiquette and infectious enthusiasm for food, Diep launched “Popeye the Foodie Dog,” an Instagram account dedicated to documenting his gastronomic adventures across LA.

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