Meet the Giant Teddy Bear: A Russian Family’s Unusual 300lb Dinner Guest

Dining alongside a gigantic 300lb bear might be a prospect to unsettle the stomach for many. Still, for the Panteleenko family from Russia, this particular scenario is simply a part of their everyday life.

Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko are a seemingly typical couple. Still, their family has an extraordinary twist in the form of their 23-year-old bear, Stepan.

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Towering over seven feet, this immense creature displays such domesticity that he often joins the family during their evening television time.

Beyond offering him company, Stepan has even proved himself a helper, tending to the garden by watering the plants.

Surrogate child: Russian family Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko adopted a very large bear named Stepan, aged three months. Source: Caters News

He has an appetite that matches his size, consuming more than a bowl of porridge and a can of condensed milk daily, which he enjoys due to his sweet tooth.


His daily diet also includes a significant 25kg of fish, vegetables, and eggs, making mealtime at the Panteleenko’s anything but ordinary.

But fear not for Stepan’s health; he’s an avid football fan, which helps him burn off the substantial amount of food he consumes daily.

One of the family: Standing at more than seven feet, the large mammal has been domesticated by the couple and is now aged 23. Source: Caters News
Bear hug: The couple say that because they have known Stepan so long, his temperament is extremely gentle, and he enjoys giving hugs. Source: Caters News

Stepan became a part of the Panteleenko’s lives when he was three months old. The couple’s long association with Stepan has resulted in his incredibly gentle temperament, often snuggling with them on their couch.


“When we brought him home, he was just a three-month-old cub who hunters in the woods had discovered after losing his mother.

He was in dire health,” Svetlana recalled. “Stepan is amiable and adores human company. Despite what many might assume, he is not at all aggressive. He’s never bitten us.

Trust: The couple say the bear is so domesticated he even sits down with them in the evenings to watch television on the sofa. Source: Caters News
Who’s been eating my porridge? The couple said Stepan, who eats a lot of food, gets through more than a bowl of porridge a day. Source: Caters News

What’s for dessert? The big bear’s favorite dish is a can of condensed milk, thanks to a sweet tooth, but he also eats fish and vegetables. Source: Caters News

Active: Stephan is a football fan and works off the gut-busting amount of food his parents serve him every day by having a kick about. Source: Caters News
Give us a hand! The bear has even been known to help out around the house – or at least the garden – by watering the plants. Source: Caters News
Hungry: Stepan stocks up on a hefty 25kg of fish, vegetables, and eggs, meaning dinner time is never a breeze in the Panteleenko house. Source: Caters News
Budge up: The family says the bear can often be found cuddling up to them on the sofa while watching television in the evening. Source: Caters News
On your head: The couple said the bear, pictured playing football, is sociable, has never bitten them, and likes a hug. Source: Caters News

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