Meet the stunning vaquita – the rarest mammal in the world with less than 10 in existence (video)

The northern part of the Gulf of California is home to an elusive marine mammal that many didn’t even know existed.

Unfortunately, these majestic creatures could soon disappear, as recent reports show that there are fewer than 10 left in the world. I present to all of you, the little porpoise. The rarest marine mammal in the world!

Phocoena’s breast, commonly known as Vaquita, is a tiny porpoise that lives in the Gulf of California. These secret marine animals can grow up to 5 feet long and weigh up to 120 pounds.

Watch the video below

For many years, the species was classified as endangered, but over the past two decades, its population has declined dramatically. In 1997, there were about 600 cows, but unfortunately, their number dropped to less than 30 in about 20 years.

Now these beautiful creatures are on the brink of extinction and there are about 10 more! Vaquita, which means “little cow” in Spanish, is more like a panda.

They were even called marine pandas because of their black color around the eyes. That’s what makes them so special and unique, besides being the only porpoise that can live in warm waters.


Unlike other animal species that have become extinct or are endangered due to poaching, Vaquita’s situation is different. There were fishing practices that led to the devastating decline in species!

It turned out that Mexican fishermen use gillnets mainly to catch totoaba, which is also an endangered species of fish.

This fish is a delicacy in China, where it can reach up to 50,000 dollars. Therefore, these gillnets are a death trap not only for the Totoaba, but also for the Vaquitas.

Although both the use of these types of nets and fishing for totoaba are prohibited in Mexico, some local fishermen continue these practices. But there is still hope. In fact, a conservation group tried to save the remaining cows and help them thrive in captivity.

However, his first attempt was quite disappointing. The group, called Vaquita CPR, managed to save a female cowgirl, but the creature proved to be too stressed to reproduce due to its relocation.

Unfortunately, she even died soon after being released back into the sea. Let’s hope these incredible creatures are saved one day! In the following video, you can see some very rare sightings of these mystical creatures!

Watch the video below

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