Mesmerizing Sight as Giraffes and Elephants Embark on a Serene Journey to the Waterhole

Witness a heartwarming scene unfold at the HERD elephant orphanage in South Africa, where Adine Roode and her dedicated team rush to aid orphaned baby elephants.

The Jabulani herd, known for their remarkable acceptance of these orphaned little ones, has warmly integrated an albino baby elephant named Khanyisa into their family.

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Recently, the majestic herd of elephants decided to join a group of giraffes heading towards the nearby waterhole, creating a breathtaking sight.

With a few kilometers to cover, the herd, led by Tokwe and Somopane, walked side by side gracefully. Sebakwe, another member of the herd, moved steadily along the path.

As they ventured forward, Tokwe playfully sprayed sand on the elephant named Tiger, while Khanyisa proudly led the way for the herd. The elephants spread out as they entered a clearing, with Somopane walking alongside them.


Amidst the giants, it was easy to spot Khanyisa with her distinctive albino appearance. Somopane’s elegant stride showcased his beautiful, long, and thick tusks.

Among the herd, the two youngest elephants, Khanyisa and Timisa, walked closely together, staying by their family’s side. Limpopo, the eldest offspring of Tokwe, gracefully positioned herself in the heart of the majestic elephants.

Later in the day, Khanyisa and Lundi moved towards the bushes, indulging in the green leaves from the trees. Khanyisa usually stayed close to her adoptive mother, Lundi, during mealtime. For an orphaned calf, having a nurturing figure like a mother was crucial for survival.


This special bond helped them thrive. Klaserie, a playful elephant, was born to Setombe, while Pisa was born to Tokwe. Klaserie delighted in rolling in the sand while Pisa stood calmly.

Limpopo, Pisa’s sister, joined them. Khanyisa held the distinction of being Lundi’s first raised daughter, and their bond as an adoptive mother and albino calf was unbreakable.

The herd of elephants resumed their journey towards the waterhole, with the protective allomother, Kumbura, staying close to her beloved Khanyisa.


Initially, Khanyisa displayed aggression towards humans upon arriving at the sanctuary, but she calmed down significantly over time. She stood out among the herd with her slender frame, straight, pointed tusks, and defined forehead. The waterhole was now within reach for all the elephants.

Khanyisa and Timisa followed closely behind Lundi, with Kumbura walking just behind them. The giraffes gracefully roamed around the waterhole while Sebakwe towered above the other elephants at the rear. Finally, Fishan arrived at the water’s edge.


Khanyisa positioned herself between Kumbura and Lundi, immersing in the water and playfully enjoying her time. Soon, Timisa joined the trio, splashing water with delight. The elephants reveled in the tranquil beauty of the waterhole, creating memories to cherish.


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