Miraculous Elephant Birth: A Triumph in Wildlife Conservation

In the tranquil wilderness of Kenya, a remarkable event recently unfolded, resembling a scene straight from a storybook.

On Thursday, September 27th, Lualeni, a once-orphaned elephant who found solace and a second chance at life, celebrated the arrival of her 30th wild-born baby.

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Benjamin witnessed this heartwarming moment, the vigilant Head Keeper at the Ithumba stockade.


Amidst a gathering of Lualeni’s friends, he was surprised to spot a tiny, perfect baby elephant taking its first unsteady steps beneath its mother.

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It was a moment of pure joy, shared not only among the elephants but also with their human family.

Lualeni’s journey is nothing short of miraculous. After losing her mother and family, she found refuge in the caring embrace of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT).


As a grief-stricken and psychologically fragile calf, Lualeni displayed little will to live.

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Her mourning persisted for a long six months, during which she remained detached from other Nursery orphans, appearing dejected and disinterested in interaction or play.

Lualeni’s early days at DSWT were poignantly captured in the BBC series “Elephant Diaries.” The staff worked tirelessly to mend her broken spirit and bring joy back into her life.


With time, love, and the companionship of other orphans, Lualeni began to heal, but no elephant in their care had grieved as profoundly for such a duration.

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In the following years, Lualeni transitioned to the Ithumba Reintegration Unit, where she thrived. She formed new bonds with older orphans and their wild counterparts.

Once independent of her human keepers and milk bottles, she earned a reputation as a “baby snatcher,” entrusted with identifying dependent babies ready for life in the wild and discreetly whisking them away when the keepers weren’t looking.


Her clever tactics and genuine care for these young elephants made her legendary among the keepers.

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The birth of Lualeni’s 30th baby is an incredible milestone in wildlife conservation, a testament to the dedication and unwavering efforts of those involved in her rescue, rehabilitation, and release into the wild.

This new addition, a perfect baby girl named Lulu, is not even 24 hours old as of this writing and is a gift to Lualeni herself.


The DSWT family believes that she will be a truly exceptional mother, ensuring that Lulu will never have to take a step alone in her life. Lualeni’s future is filled with the boundless love elephants are known for.

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As we celebrate this heartwarming moment, we are reminded of the legacy of the remarkable Daphne, whose vision and passion continue to shape the future of these magnificent creatures.

Lualeni’s story, like so many others, stands as a testament to the extraordinary work being carried out in the world of wildlife conservation.

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