Miraculous Recovery: Injured Elephant Bull Receives Lifesaving Treatment at Kimana Sanctuary, Amboseli

In a recent incident at Kimana Sanctuary in Amboseli, Community Rangers rescued an injured elephant bull exhibiting distress signals, notably a swollen abdomen.

Responding promptly, a skilled vet team assessed and treated the wounded elephant.

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Using a precise dan-inject dart, the vet team administered 18 mgs of Etorphine to immobilize the elephant.


Within nine minutes, the bull succumbed to the tranquilizer, allowing the team to examine a penetrating wound in the left chest area, likely caused by a spear. This injury led to a severe accumulation of pus extending to the lower abdomen.

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With meticulous care, the team drained the pus from the swelling’s lowest point, removed necrotic tissues, and thoroughly flushed the wound with water and hydrogen peroxide. The wound was then packed with green clay for healing.

They intramuscularly injected an intravenous administration of 50 cc of Dexamethasone Hcl and 150 cc of long-acting Amoxicillin to combat infection and inflammation.


Concluding the procedure, Diprenorphine Hcl was administered to reverse the anesthesia. After some initial struggle, the bull regained consciousness, stood up, and moved away from the site, marking a successful recovery from anesthesia.

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Despite the success, the elephant’s prognosis remains guarded due to the injury’s extent and potential complications during the healing process. Continuous monitoring and care are essential for the bull’s full recovery.

Thevet team’s dedicated efforts and community rangers’ support offer hope for a positive outcome for the injured elephant.


This triumphant treatment underscores the dedication and commitment of those involved in wildlife conservation at Kimana Sanctuary in Amboseli.

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Through their swift action and expertise, they have granted this majestic creature a second chance to thrive in its natural habitat.

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