Miraculous Rescue: Baby Elephant Safely Recovered from Ditch Upside Down

In a heartwarming incident in Bokakhat, Assam state, a four to five-month-old baby elephant found itself in a precarious situation after accidentally stumbling into a ditch while crossing a tea estate with its herd.

The little elephant ended up stuck upside down, leaving its mother and fellow elephants desperately attempting to free it, but their efforts proved futile.

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Residents rushed to help the struggling calf, but it soon became evident that additional expertise was required.

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Forest rangers and an animal welfare expert were called to assist in the rescue efforts. Despite their best efforts, the situation remained challenging, prompting them to bring in an excavator for a more effective rescue attempt.

With the aid of the excavator, the baby elephant was gently and safely lifted out of the ditch.


Reunited with its anxious mother, the calf suffered only minor bruises, ensuring a positive outcome for the heartwarming rescue mission.

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Anil Deka, spokesperson from the International Fund for Animal Welfare, reported that the baby elephant’s condition was remarkably stable and didn’t sustain any significant injuries during the ordeal.

This uplifting story of teamwork and compassion showcases the importance of human intervention in safeguarding wildlife.

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As we witness such remarkable rescues, let us be reminded of the value of preserving these magnificent creatures and their natural habitats.

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Watch the video below:

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