Miraculous Rescue: Vet Team Saves Injured Elephant in Tsavo East

In a heartwarming tale of wildlife rescue, a female elephant discovered in the Irima area of Tsavo East, nursing a grievous wound on her back, has been successfully treated by a dedicated veterinary team.

The team’s swift response to concerned visitors’ reports led to a critical immobilization, examination, and treatment process.

Image 74

Prompted by the distress call, the vet team utilized Etorphine, administered via a dan-inject dart, to immobilize the injured elephant.


Ensuring safety during treatment, the elephant was carefully separated from her companions.

Image 75

Upon examination, a severe arrow wound near the spine was discovered, causing extensive muscle destruction and the accumulation of pus and debris.

The dedicated team meticulously cleaned the wound, removing dead tissues and pus.


They applied iodine and Oxytetracycline spray tincture, providing a final protective layer of wetted green clay.

Image 76

An intravenous administration of Dexamethasone Hcl and a long-acting Amoxicillin injection was administered to address potential infections.

These medications targeted inflammation and bacterial infections, supporting the elephant’s recovery.


Following the comprehensive treatment, the elephant underwent drug reversal with Diprenorphine Hcl, ensuring a safe and gradual awakening.

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With a favorable prognosis, the rehabilitated elephant joyfully reunited with her herd, signaling a promising outlook for her recovery and future well-being.

This successful intervention underscores the indispensable role of veterinary teams in wildlife conservation.


It emphasizes the significance of swift action and comprehensive treatment strategies in safeguarding the health and welfare of vulnerable species, such as elephants, in their natural habitats.

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