Mischievous Baby Elephant’s Great Escape at Elephant Nature Park!

At Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, a group of elephants can wander on the vast rescue sanctuary during the day. As evening falls, they dutifully return to their shelters for a well-deserved rest and dinner.

However, there’s one little rebel among them – Sa Ngae (also known as Jai Dee), the adorable baby elephant with a mischievous spirit.

Recently, the caregivers at the sanctuary captured an endearing video of Sa Ngae’s escapades. This cunning little elephant managed to outsmart his enclosure and explore the world beyond.


First on his agenda was a friendly visit to the Pyi Mai family, fellow residents in the neighboring shelter. Sa Ngae seemed determined to make new friends!

Image 261

With a sense of curiosity and adventure, Sa Ngae continued his exploration, even approaching the cameraman before playfully reconsidering and deciding to keep a safe distance – smart thinking, little one!

After a day filled with exciting escapades and playful antics, Sa Ngae eventually heeded his mother’s call and returned to his enclosure.


Inside, he nestled in for a good night’s sleep, undoubtedly dreaming of the adventures that awaited him the next day.

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