Mischievous Trio Takes the Wild Leap: Sokotei, Boromoko, and Sirimon Join Ithumba’s Elephant Community

On an unforgettable Sunday, July 10, 2016, the lively trio of Sokotei, Boromoko, and Sirimon embarked on a thrilling journey to integrate into the Ithumba Relocation Unit.

This transition, designed to foster their growth alongside their older counterparts, unfolded seamlessly, marking a significant milestone in their lives.

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Departing from the Nursery with the guidance of caregivers Siangiki, Olsekki, and Enkikwe, the trio enthusiastically embraced their new adventure.


The journey, starting at 3.40 am, concluded with a safe arrival at Ithumba by 10.30 am, setting the stage for their integration into the dynamic elephant community.

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Despite being dubbed “naughty” in the Nursery, their move to Ithumba promised a transformative experience.

Liberated from the confines of Nursery life, they now had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the company of older elephants, gaining invaluable lessons in the wild.


Upon arrival, the trio was warmly greeted by familiar faces of Nursery friends and caregivers, welcomed with open arms and nourishing milk bottles.

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As they adjusted to their new surroundings, the reassuring warmth of their reception paved the way for a smooth transition.

The trio explored their new habitat throughout the day, guided by the gentle presence of older elephants and the nurturing support of caregivers.


From sampling nutritious acacia pods to mingling with Ex Orphans, their first day at Ithumba was filled with wonder and discovery.

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In their new home, Sokotei, Boromoko, and Sirimon embarked on a journey of resilience and adaptation, embodying the enduring spirit of the elephant community.

Each passing day would see them thrive and evolve, leaving an indelible mark on the landscapes of Ithumba and the hearts of those who welcomed them.


As they ventured into this new chapter, the trio carried the hopes and dreams of a brighter tomorrow, united in their quest for freedom, companionship, and the boundless wonders of the wild.

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