Mom elephant forgot her bra, putting on a spectacle in front of stunned tourists

A wildlife photographer captured a female elephant exposing her b.reasts while walking with her adorable baby and the rest of the herd.

South African wildlife photographer Renata Ewald captured these funny images of the unusual elephant in Kruger National Park.

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Mrs. Ewald, 51, said: ‘I spend a lot of time in Kruger, and I have never seen anything like this before.

Put those mammoth b.reasts away – the baby elephant appears to be pestering her mother for some milk, causing her to trip over as she walks down a road

‘I came across this breeding herd in the early hours of the morning and stopped a safe distance from them to enjoy their presence.

“I immediately noticed this particular female, with her baby and super-large b.reasts that you could see from the sides.”

She said: ‘It was amazing to watch, and I just captured the moment her full ‘double d’ b.reasts were showed up right in front of me.

Spare a thought for she-elephants – pregnancy lasts for 640 days and when the calves come out they weigh about 250 pounds. They b.reast-feed for around four years

‘People have been stunned by this female elephant’s and the human’s identical-looking b.reasts – I know the elephant’s b.reasts are in the front, it’s amazing to see the comparison look the same.

‘It was a lightbulb moment in my head, and I thought ‘she looks like a woman’.

Ms Ewald said: ‘I love elephants, and I’m always excited to see them – especially the breeding herds with all the young ones.

The she-elephant was pictured while out for a walk with the rest of the herd. Thanks to conservation work, there are now around 10,000 elephants in South Africa

‘This particular sight was extraordinary, as they seemed so happy and full of joy.

‘I hope these photos will help people show more respect for elephants – they carry their cubs for 21 months, and then people sl.aug.hter them disrespectfully for their tusks.

‘It really breaks your heart.’

She added: “They are brilliant animals with strong family bonds – they have many comparisons to humans and should be shown the same level of respect.

Like mother, like daughter – Renata Ewald took these snaps at the Kruger National Park. The baby appears to be eating a small branch
Ms. Ewald also took these pictures of young elephants tussling. There are 50,000 muscles in an elephant’s trunk and it can even detect underground water
The elephants were walking as a family. A traditional elephant family will consist of an older matriarch, her daughters, and their calves. Male elephants live in bachelor groups after reaching sexual maturity

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