Mother and Baby Dolphin Finally Freed After Two Years in a Pond

After spending two years trapped in a pond near Grand Isle, Louisiana, a mother dolphin and her baby have been freed. Their story began after Hurricane Ida struck the region in 2021, displacing the pair due to flooding and leaving them confined when the waters receded.

However, thanks to a dedicated rescue team from the Audubon Coastal Wildlife Network and other organizations, these dolphins have been reunited with the ocean.

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Rescuing the dolphins proved to be a challenging yet rewarding mission. The team had to transport them from the pond to the Gulf of Mexico, carrying them ashore and placing them carefully in the back of a van.

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Wildlife rescuers ensured the dolphins’ well-being throughout the journey by using sponges to keep them moist.

The rescue operation had to wait until the baby dolphin was old enough to thrive in an area with access to open water.


As the Audubon Nature Institute explained in a Facebook post, it is common for marine mammals and sea turtles to become stranded on land or end up in inland waterways after hurricanes bring storm surges and coastal flooding.

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These animals can stay in such areas for weeks to months, necessitating intervention from trained responders to return them to their natural habitat.

Finally, in June, the van carrying the precious cargo reached its destination. With careful handling, the dolphins were taken into the water, mirroring how they were brought out of the pond.


Encouraged by the rescue team, the mother and her calf bravely swam into the open waters of the Gulf, embracing their newfound freedom.

This heartwarming rescue story serves as a reminder of the importance of wildlife conservation and the dedicated efforts of those working to protect and preserve our natural world.

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