Mother and Baby Elephant Find Refuge and Recovery: A Journey From Despair to Hope

In August 2021, our organization, led by founder Lek Chailert, received a distress call from an ailing elephant camp owner. His business was reeling under the devastating impact of COVID-19, and he could no longer provide for all his elephants. A mother and her infant were in dire straits, and he was seeking help for their rescue.


Resources were stretched thin in the challenging times brought on by the pandemic. The camp owner faced an agonizing decision β€” to part ways with some elephants to afford the necessary sustenance for the remaining ones.

Among those chosen to be relocated were a young mother elephant and her calf. The decision was primarily driven by his concern for the calf’s health, as the newborn seemed underweight, lethargic, and exhibited unusual behavior.


Bunma, a 16-year-old mother elephant, was having a tough time tending to her newborn without any support from the herd. Her calf, Chaba, born in May of the same year, showed deteriorating health.

Image 394
Bunma and her baby while they were at the former camp. Source: Elephant Nature Park

Bunma, previously a performer in the camp’s elephant show, was now confined to a small kennel with her baby, clearly stressed out from her new circumstances.

Thanks to Noelle Weiss’ generous support, our Elephant Nature Park team intervened, plotting a quick rescue plan for Bunma and Chaba.


By rearranging living spaces, our diligent team accommodated the new arrivals within two days, paving the way for their much-anticipated freedom.

O1 1
Baby Chaba was so tiny and weak. Source: Elephant Nature Park

Initially, we aimed to transport Bunma and Chaba by truck, but Bunma’s stress levels led us to alter our approach.

The pair embarked on a walking journey to their new home. Despite her initial fear of cars, Bunma made it to the park unscathed.


On August 12th, 2021, coinciding with Thai Mother’s Day and World Elephant Day, Bunma and Chaba celebrated the start of their new lives at Elephant Nature Park. Their chains were finally removed, and they found comfort in a safe, monitored space.

The team was rushing to make the enclosure of Mae Sri ready to share with Mae Mai (new). Source: Elephant Nature Park
O2 1
Mae Sri lives next to the pool; it is very comfortable for Mae Mai to walk to the pool. Source: Elephant Nature Park
O3 1
Beautiful Mae Sri is ready to share her enclosure with Mae Mai (new). Source: Elephant Nature Park

While Chaba’s underweight condition and Bunma’s inadequate milk production pose a challenge, we have initiated a rapid recovery program.

In their forever home, the two elephants are starting to thrive β€” Bunma has begun nursing Chaba, and the little one is gaining confidence, evident in her playful interaction with water.


We’re grateful to Noelle Weiss and all contributors aiding their ongoing care. Their new lives are a testament to the power of collective effort.

The joyous welcome of baby Pyi Mai to Chaba highlights the warmth that awaits them in their new sanctuary. We eagerly anticipate the mother regaining her health, ending this journey from despair to hope.

Mae Mai (New) walked beside the pool. Source: Elephant Nature Park
On the road, baby Chaba walked so fast without fear. Source: Elephant Nature Park
They stopped at the river before we arrived at the park, Mother Bunma refreshed herself while baby Chaba tried to suck her mommy’s milk. Source: Elephant Nature Park
The mother, Bunma, and baby Chaba received a warm welcome with a beautiful fruit cake. Source: Elephant Nature Park
Mother Bunma really enjoyed the cake. Source: Elephant Nature Park
Mother Bunma really enjoyed the cake. Source: Elephant Nature Park
Image 395
Lek explained to the mahout how to massage the mother’s breast to encourage the milk. Source: Elephant Nature Park
Image 396
Baby Chaba tried to reach the mother’s breast for the milk. Source: Elephant Nature Park
Image 397
Chaba has milk from her mama’s breast. Source: Elephant Nature Park
Image 398
Baby Chaba is relaxing on the soft sand in her shelter. Source: Elephant Nature Park
Image 399
Baby Chaba put her trunk up with her smiling. Look at her eyes; we can see the difference. Source: Elephant Nature Park
Image 400
The mother, Bunma, looks calmer and relaxed. Baby Chaba started the bond with her caretaker. Source: Elephant Nature Park


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