Mother elephant brings her newborn baby to meet the people saving her life

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya is a sanctuary where orphaned elephants are being cared for. When the time comes, and they are ready, the elephants were released into the wild. Such is the case of Yatta, who was brought into the center in 1999. Ten years later, Yatta returned to the wild.

Although it has been more than eight years since she left the reserve, Yatta has never forgotten the people who took care of her. So she decided to pay them a surprising visit. Only this time, she was not alone, but with her newborn calf.

And such a special moment was necessary to be captured on camera. So the caregivers captured the moment, and they even named the baby Yoyo. However, according to the staff, Yatta did the same with her first calf, a female named Yetu.

“She’s a proud mom,” carer Rob Brandford said. “And to show absolute trust and affection, she brought her newest child back to meet the people who saved her. ”

“We not only saved an orphaned baby and raised it, but she has also successfully returned to the wild and started to build a family of her own. For elephants, family is everything – so it’s no surprise that they choose to share their new family member with former human caregivers, as they are part of their family.” Brandford said.

Even if it is quite common for orphaned elephants to be returned to where they have been raised, caretakers claim it is always wonderful. And it’s truly amazing to see those wild animals while sharing their special moments with the people who used to care for them, just like Yatta did.

“Imagine our joy when she chose to share her second birth with us, going back to her former stockades and her human family so that we could become a part of celebrating the arrival of her new baby – a healthy baby boy,” the staff member added.

Check out the special moment below!

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