Mother elephant checks her sleeping baby is still breathing in cute footage

What parents haven’t obsessed about their newborn’s bedtime breathing?

Heartwarming footage has emerged of an elephant with “human-like features” while ensuring that her sleeping baby is still alive and healthy.

The mother first extended her trunk gently over her son’s chest before moving to check to see if he was breathing through his trunk.

Elephants are known for their expressions of emotions such as anger, joy, and grief and are among the most intelligent animals on earth.

This delicate mother-son moment was filmed in Thailand.

This species is endangered worldwide, largely due to poaching for its ivory.

Large numbers of elephants were lost in the 20th century as they were killed for their tusks and as humans scrambled for resources.

Climate change is also contributing to the destruction of elephants’ chances of survival, as their environment will become drier and hotter.

Leslie A. Temanson, a former director of Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia, filmed the clip.

He said, “Moms are moms, no matter the species.

“This mother elephant showed me when she tenderly checked her sleeping baby, just like a human mom does when her baby is sleeping.”

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