Mother Elephant Wants Rescuer To Sing Her Baby A Lullaby

Elephants are passionate about music. We’ve seen numerous instances of elephants responding to music in the same way humans do. FaaMai is a rehabilitated Indian elephant who may serve as an excellent example.

FaaMai has formed an extraordinary connection with Lek Chailert, her caretaker. She was brought to the Elephant Nature Park in northern Thailand from Burma when she was a newborn, and the two have since built a strong and intimate relationship. Lek sings her lullabies to help Faa Mai relax and fall asleep.

Now, Faa Mai, the 9-year-old elephant, has fallen in love with recently rescued Thong Ae and wants to make sure she receives the same loving care as her.

While her keeper was taking a photo with some tourists, Faa Mai determined that her presence was required on a more pressing matter.

Lek began to suspect that the elephant was being playful at first, but as her trunk kept poking more persistently, she realized she should just let Faa Mai take the lead. But Lek wasn’t sure why the elephant pushed her forward until she found out!

Lek soon encountered Thong Ae. And guess what, she just wanted Thong Ae to be treated the same way she had been when she was just a calf. “Fa Mai requested that I sing a lullaby to her little friend as she is quite taken with my singing when I do so,” Lek said.

Emotional connections between elephants have been discovered to be quite frequent and very powerful. This is especially evident among adult females and newborns.

When a new elephant calf is born, many of the female elephants in the herd shower it with love and adoration. Music has both mental and physical effects on elephants. One that Faa Mai wanted Thong Ae to experience.