Nampuu, the Adorable Baby Elephant, Steals Hearts with Unforgettable Hugs!

In the lush landscapes of the Patara Elephant Farm in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a young elephant named Nampuu has become a standout attraction, leaving tourists enchanted with its irresistible affection.

Translating to ‘fountain’ in Thai, Nampuu has captured the hearts of visitors who are treated to endearing moments as the playful calf climbs onto them, settles between their arms, and wraps its trunk around their heads.

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Instagram personality Paige Spice couldn’t contain her laughter as she playfully rolled around in the dirt with the lively Nampuu.


Tourists, including one named Sally, have even expressed a desire to bring this adorable elephant home.

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Much like any newborn, Nampuu had a penchant for biting and chewing, sometimes leading to surprising “oww” moments involving tourists’ legs.

The captured images showcase a mix of terror and delight on the faces of young women, with screams echoing half in fear and half in amusement.


For those visiting the farm, the ‘Elephant Owner for the Day’ package tour offers an engaging experience, providing insights into the intricacies of rearing and caring for elephants.

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Knowledgeable trainers guide visitors through communication, health, feeding, bathing, and the temperament of these majestic animals.

Heartwarming moments, such as a mother elephant calling her baby boy with a rumbling sound for breastfeeding, add to the immersive tour.


Baby Nampuu, initially born smaller than typical newborns, weighed only 148lbs at birth, a considerable difference from the usual 220lbs of most newborn elephants.

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To ensure his well-being, the compassionate staff at the sanctuary constructed a particular step affixed to his mother’s leg, allowing Nampuu to reach the milk he craves.

Visitors have the unique opportunity to participate in the ‘Elephant Owner for the Day’ package tour, gaining firsthand experience in the care and activities involved in being an elephant owner.


The farm has joyfully shared updates on Nampuu’s remarkable progress, emphasizing the close supervision by his mother, Ploy, during playful interactions with tourists to prevent any unruly behavior.

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Hugging a baby elephant may not be as soft as one imagines, but the unique experience leaves an indelible mark.

Nampuu, the adorable elephant at Patara Elephant Farm, continues to symbolize irresistible cuteness, stealing the hearts of all who encounter him.

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