Nanny and Mother Elephant Team Up to Safeguard Baby While Splashing in the River

In the animal kingdom, maternal care is not limited to the mother; it extends to the entire herd. This is especially true for elephants, where females are crucial in caring for each other’s calves.

Observations show that young female elephants learn valuable nurturing skills by watching other females tend to the young ones, and the calves, in turn, learn essential survival techniques.

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When multiple caring females are around a calf, its chances of survival increase significantly. Elephants are known for forming close and intimate relationships with their friends and family members. They build lasting bonds with one another and even mourn the loss of loved ones.

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In some touching instances, elephants have been seen revisiting and lingering around places where their dear ones have passed away. Mother elephants, too, have shown deep emotions, grieving over stillborn calves.

The journey of elephant motherhood is truly remarkable. They carry their offspring for over two years before giving birth and then invest significant effort in ensuring their infants receive the best nourishment and practical knowledge.


Mother elephants are role models, teaching their young ones how to lead the herd during challenging situations.

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Elephants’ herds are matriarchal, and the wisdom of the older female elephants is paramount in managing the group’s social structure and ensuring the family’s survival.

In a heartwarming video capturing one such tender moment, the newborn elephant, Pyi Mai, revels in the rising water levels.


Even as she enjoys her time in the river, her ever-watchful mother, Mae Kham Moon, and caring nanny, Sri Nuan, stand guard, ensuring their precious little one remains safe and protected.

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The bond between elephants is a testament to the depth of emotions and intelligence these majestic creatures possess, making them even more fascinating and endearing to us.

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