Narrow Escape: Safari Vehicle Charges Away from Angry Elephant Herd

In a heart-stopping encounter, a man on safari in South Africa narrowly avoided danger when a herd of agitated elephants charged toward his vehicle.

Ronesh Parbhoo, an accountant passionate about wildlife photography, found himself in this terrifying situation while vacationing in the renowned Kruger National Park, one of Africa’s largest game reserves.

During one of their tours, Ronesh’s group unexpectedly came across a herd of more than 50 elephants.


Recognizing the danger, the driver promptly reversed the vehicle, ensuring the safety of Ronesh and the other passengers. Thanks to this quick action, everyone escaped unharmed.

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Ronesh, an avid nature lover whose fascination with the wild was deeply influenced by his childhood visits to Kruger National Park, managed to capture astonishing photographs of the incident.

Reflecting on his experiences, he expressed how those early encounters with nature instilled a profound respect for its beauty and vital lessons about the natural world.


“The park became my classroom, where I observed nature’s wonders, learned to respect its ways, and gained essential insights,” Ronesh explained.

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As time went on, his passion for wildlife grew, leading him to venture into photography, where he further honed his skills in patience, timing, and understanding animal behavior.

Through his lens, Ronesh discovered a newfound artistic and creative sense, cultivating a deep passion for preserving the essence of these extraordinary and rare creatures.

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