Newborn Fawn Forms an Unlikely Bond with Little Girl

Some people have a natural gift for connecting with animals, and a heartwarming incident recently captured on camera showcases the magical encounter between a baby deer and a young girl, Maya.

The touching moment occurred when Maya and her family returned home after a canoeing adventure.

Unloading their vehicle, they spotted a newborn fawn in their front yard. Maya, who seems to have a unique affinity for animals, was immediately drawn to the little creature.


In the video, we see Maya standing calmly on the driveway as the fawn emerges from the grass. Rather than startling the deer with excitement, Maya stays composed and gently gestures for the fawn to come closer.


The baby deer approaches her in a truly enchanting display, sensing her kind-hearted nature. Maya extends her hand toward the fawn, creating a special connection between them. Her father, Brad Herring, captures this heartwarming moment on video.

Maya’s primary concern is to help the fawn find its mother, understanding that the doe likely left it in a safe spot while foraging for food.


The video continues with Maya leading the fawn toward the woods, the baby deer faithfully following her every step.

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Their bond becomes evident as the fawn stays by Maya’s side throughout the journey. Despite their brief time together, the connection between them is undeniable.

Eventually, the time comes to part ways. Maya guides the fawn back into the woods, where it settles among the leaves. With a heartwarming goodbye, Maya leaves her new friend behind.


The video, titled “The Deer Whisperer,” was posted by Brad and has touched the hearts of over 8.8 million viewers. It is a beautiful testament to the profound bond that can form between humans and animals.

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Maya’s extraordinary gift for connecting with wildlife is evident in this unforgettable encounter. The magical moment between Maya and the fawn reminds us of the precious connections we can make with the natural world.

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