Octopus vs. Crab: Epic Underwater Battle Caught on Camera

In an astonishing underwater showdown, a video captures a relentless crab pursued by a determined octopus. This extraordinary encounter offers a rare glimpse into the dynamic world beneath the waves.

The footage unfolds as a sizable octopus circles a frantic crab near the water’s surface, skillfully extending its arms in multiple attempts to capture its prey.

Watch the video at the end.


Initially, the agile crab manages to evade the cephalopod’s grasp, but the octopus ultimately secures a hold on the crustacean.

With the injection of paralyzing saliva, the fate of the tenacious crab is sealed. The satisfied octopus gracefully descends into the ocean’s depths following this successful hunt.

While octopuses may appear less graceful on land, they remain equally efficient, as demonstrated in another captivating video.


In this instance, an octopus ambushes an unsuspecting crab on the edge of a tidepool in Yallingup, Western Australia.

Octopuses are known to favor soft-shelled crabs, which are quickly subdued and torn apart. Hard-shelled creatures, on the other hand, often have their shells punctured before becoming a meal, which might send shivers down your spine.

These intelligent and captivating creatures have a diverse diet, including clams, birds, snails, small fish, and occasionally other octopuses.


Typically, they bring their catch to their den, where they can devour it safely. Any excess prey is discarded outside their cave, attracting scavengers like fish and mollusks.

Octopuses continue to bewilder scientists with their remarkable abilities. Research has revealed their capacity for learning, memory of specific locations, and even tool usage.

Some octopuses are renowned for their dedication as parents, guarding their eggs for an astounding 4.5 years – the most extended egg-brooding period known among animals – even as they slowly starve.


Additionally, their incredible camouflage skills and a lack of bones (they’re ninety percent muscle) enable them to navigate through astonishingly tight spaces.

One astonishing example recorded a 600-pound octopus squeezing through a tube the size of a quarter.

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