Orphaned Baby Elephant Finds Belonging in a New Herd

Incredible stories of abandoned wildlife getting a second chance at life often touch our hearts, particularly for larger animals like elephants.

The Herd Elephant Orphanage, located in South Africa, has been at the forefront of providing these precious creatures with a new lease on life.

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Among the fortunate elephants that call The Herd their home is Khanyisa, a remarkable individual rescued as a vulnerable baby.

Khanyisa has been gradually adapting to her new environment, thanks to the orphanage staff’s unwavering dedication and hard work.

Og1 Precious Orphaned Baby Elephant Finds Security In New Herd

At The Herd Orphanage, the team nurtures Khanyisa, teaching her essential lessons about love, protection, and trust.


Although she had a challenging start in life, she now finds herself in a haven where she can survive and thrive.

Devoted followers of The Herd Orphanage receive regular updates on Khanyisa’s progress. In one such update, she enjoys precious moments with her fellow elephants.

It is a true joy and an honor for the orphanage to provide this little cutie with a happy and healthy place to call home.


Watch the video below:

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