Orphaned Elephants Embrace Teddy Bears in Touching Moment

South African university student Chloe Caister shared a heartwarming video capturing a special moment between orphaned elephants and teddy bears.

As part of her Master’s project on elephant personality, Chloe aims to explore the science of determining whether these magnificent creatures possess distinct personalities.

Watch the video at the end.


She recorded their reactions to “novelty stimuli” using specific protocols to observe their behavior and draw conclusive findings. In the video, a herd of elephants was presented with stuffed teddy bears placed amidst the bush while they were foraging for food.

One notable elephant, Somopane, known as the peacekeeper within the herd, surprised everyone by boldly tossing the teddy bears away, displaying a hint of aggressive behavior.

However, the other elephants cautiously cautiously approached the unfamiliar toys, gradually warming up at their own pace. Over time, they started examining the teddy bears and even attempted to eat them.


Chloe’s project focuses on studying the Jabulani Herd, a group of rescued elephants, to understand their behavior and personality.

By conducting various behavioral experiments, she aims to unveil the influence of these personality traits on the herd’s interpersonal dynamics.

This touching video showcases the curiosity and adaptability of these orphaned elephants and highlights the importance of understanding their personalities.


Chloe’s research contributes to the broader understanding of elephants, emphasizing their complex social interactions and unique environmental responses.

Watch the video below:

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