Peek into Polar Bears’ Personalities as They Settle in at Staffordshire Park

A wildlife park in Staffordshire has achieved a remarkable feat by welcoming three polar bears for the first time.

The head keeper at Peak Wildlife Park, Yaz Walker, revealed that since their arrival on June 30, the “individual personalities” of the bears are starting to emerge, offering visitors a unique insight into these magnificent creatures.

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Hope, an eight-year-old mother polar bear, and her two 19-month-old cubs, Nanook and Noori, were relocated from the Orsa Predator Park in Sweden to Peak Wildlife Park near Leek after their original home closed. The bears’ distinctive traits become apparent as they settle into their spacious five-acre habitat.

Ms. Walker expressed her delight in providing them with a home that meets their needs and stated, “The more they’re settling in, the more we’re getting to see the individual characteristics and behaviors that make them unique.”

Image 140
Polar bear Hope swimming in her new habitat at Peak Wildlife Park

Hope, born in Antibes, France, exhibits a cautious and protective nature, but she’s starting to show a playful side.


Meanwhile, the cubs display typical sibling behavior by squabbling over toys, much like human children. With a bit of encouragement, the boys’ playful antics often entice their mothers to join in the fun.

The park’s dedicated keepers have been working tirelessly to keep the bears occupied, as they are brilliant and enjoy playing with various items.

Image 141
Head keeper Yaz Walker said the bears like playing with traffic cones and will `play with them for hours.

To provide enrichment, the bears are offered an array of toys, including an unexpected favorite: traffic cones. They spend hours running around with the cones, even jumping into the water.


Transported in specially designed boxes within climate-controlled lorries, the bears were initially a little nervous upon arrival. However, they quickly warmed up to their keepers when they discovered the “tasty treats” awaiting them.

The bears’ new habitat spans a generous four-acre area and features two enclosures with deep pools, ensuring ample space to swim, play, and explore.

Image 142
The three bears are now living in a five-acre habitat made specifically for them.

The park’s thoughtful landscaping includes plenty of trees and rockeries, allowing the bears to climb and explore at different levels.


Ms. Walker estimates that the young cubs will eventually grow to be twice the size of their mother, weighing between 600 and 650 kilograms, which will require substantial amounts of food.

Excitingly, the public will be able to witness these fascinating polar bears in August. The young cubs already show great interest in people as they curiously observe park staff and visitors.

Ms. Walker hopes the bears will enjoy interacting with new faces and continue to reveal their captivating personalities to the delight of all who visit.


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