Are dogs allowed in Walmart?

If you are an animal lover and own a pet, there is no way that you don’t feel like taking it everywhere with you. Especially when it’s a dog who is the man’s best friend, when that is the case, the pet owner never wants to leave their dog behind and make them sad. 

As animal lovers, we are sure that you might think that you have the well-mannered and best behaves dog in the entire block. Because who can go against their pets, we also tend to believe that there is freaking no reason why anyone would not let the dog into any store such as Wal-Mart.

However, there is another perspective to it: respecting safety ruling and healthy around the country. Following the rules and regulations is the responsibility of a well-behaved citizen. The policy to Wal-Mart for dogs is not different, and it is not liked by most of the dog owners, and they are not in favor of such policy. It is understandable for us.

You might have questions about how dog-friendly Wal-Mart, and do they let your dogs get in for a while, or they don’t let them inside at all? After researching a lot, we found out some information in this regard. This article will provide you with the details of whether you can take your dog inside Wal-Mart or not, according to their dog’s policy. 

The question is straightforward whether dogs are allowed in Wal-Mart or not? The answer to this question is very complicated, that most of the owners do not appreciate it. It says that Wal-Mart allows only the dog, which is a service dog and not otherwise. We know that it is so heartbreaking for most dog lovers. 

The Wal-Mart policy clearly states that only device dogs responsible for assisting people suffering from any disabilities are allowed to enter the store. Even this is necessary for the dog owners to explain and price their credentials while entering Wal-Mart. 

Is there any chance that Wal-Mart let the dogs enter?

It is a complicated question. Your local Wal-Mart manager might let the odd inside, or he might not have any issue with letting the dog inside. Still, the facts remain the same that it is against the policy of the company. Suppose an individual who has a problem with bringing the dog into the store sees you with your dog inside. In this case, he has all the rights to a complaint or reports against you to the store manager, and the result would be getting you ejected.

It should not matter whether you have a big dog or not. According to Wal-Mart policy, if you are carrying a small dog, he is also your emotional support source; he is a puppy. If you are taking a puppy in a stroller, you will not be allowed to enter Wal-Mart in any case. 

What is the reason behind not allowing the normal dogs at Wal-Mart?

There are a few valid reasons Why Wal-Mart came up with this policy that doesn’t allow your dog inside the store. Only the service animals are allowed. One of the main reasons is the health concerns and the risks related to contamination. 

The health codes are the main reason why your dogs cannot come inside because it is a store that has all the food necessities. The FDA states that it is unclean and unsanitary once bring animals into a store.

Here is the list of some other reasons due to which the dogs are not allowed. Mainly, all of them are concerned with the health:

– Some customers might have allergies and can suffer from it if they contact a dog’s hair.

– Contamination of food by dogs 

– Few of the dogs might have ticks or fleas.

– Some people might be scared of the dogs.

– Sometimes, the owner loses control over their dogs.

– They can create a mess. Such as the floor of the dog if they are not appropriately trained.

– Sometimes, the dog can be hazardous.

How the services dogs are any different, or why are they allowed?

The service dogs are mostly identifiable, but even at the entrance, you have to prove it. The service dogs have a colored jacket on, and the owners will have the proper documentation to prove it at the entrance of Wal-Mart.

At this point, you might be thinking about why your dogs are not allowed, and the service dogs are permitted. You might be taking it in the context of discrimination. Most people believe that they have the same possible behavior and germs. And, in the end, they are dogs as well and nothing different. We can say that you are right to some extent. But some significant differences make them different from ordinary dogs.

For instance, the service dogs are given training not to defecate. We understand that you might be thinking that your dog is trained as well. While the service dogs are trained in a manner that they don’t attack people and stay calm even under pressure and stress. 

These are a few reasons that make them a lot lower risk when entering into a store like Wal-Mart. They also facilitate essential functions such as helping people with disabilities out.

The dog policy of Wal-Mart:

To stay away from any confusion on whether you should take your dog to Wal-Mart or not. Whether the store is animal friendly or not, we need to look into the dog policy. It is displayed in the form of signs outside the store.

You will see the sign outside Wal-Mart, which states that “Service animals welcome, but no pets. In case you see an untrained pet at a place where food is being sold, you will contact the health department. The policy states the following:

– The non-service animals shall not be brought into the premises of grocery stores under safety regulation.

– These animals, the service dogs, are trained individuals to carry out work or tasks for people who are suffering from any disability.

– Emotional dogs and comfort support dogs are not falling in the category of service dogs. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Taking your puppy into the Walmart:

The answer is NO; you are not allowed to take your puppy inside the premises of Wal-Mart, no matter how loyal your dog is, how cute or small your puppy is. There is no permission for any dogs other than service ones. The same policy is applicable. If you can prove that your dog is a service animal, you can only take the dog inside the premises.

Can you take your dog to Wal-Mart in a Stroller?

We know that you have this question in mind because you might be finding a way out to take your dog along with you into the store. Strollers are in trend recently, and the air is increasing day by day. The question is a good buy as far as Wal-Mart is concerned. They are not going to allow you to bring your dog even in a stroller. Their policy is clear that only service dogs are permitted.

Although, we do understand your stage that there are two sides to the argument. For instance, how the dogs will mess up the floor while they are in a stroller. Also, the dog would not scare people who don’t like dogs or are afraid of them. I would also reduce the risks of contaminating foods. After processing all these arguments, the conclusion is that Wal-Mart is not going to let your dog enter if you have a stroller or a well-mannered dog.

Can you take your emotional dog along to Wal-Mart?

If we talk about recent years, there has been a lot of confusion and fuss over the dog policy of Wal-Mart. Some people got annoyed by the sign that only service animals are allowed. There was a lot of difference of opinion in this regard. It is effortless to understand why do many dog owners are confused due to the policy of Wal-Mart.

We know that dogs are men’s best friends, and even the women dog owners are too protective and emotional about their dogs. We have witnessed that many walks down can ask me while they are carrying their dog. The attachment and friendship with the dog is a unique one. 

However, it is a national policy of Wal-Mart that no dogs other than service animals are allowed inside the store. It exactly means that you cannot take your support dogs inside Wal-Mart. As we have discussed previously, it’s only service dogs can be taken inside with proper authentication.

What are the policies or thoughts of other Unites States Stores about dogs?

Many other high-profile national chains of stores have made positive headlines because of their unique approaches for customers bringing the dogs into the store. Here are some of the exciting approaches:

Lowes & Home Depot: The policy is not like Wal-Mart. The store doesn’t ban any dogs due to the risks of contamination of the food. It merely means that you can take your dog inside the store without any hurdles and barriers.

Barnes & Noble:  It is dependent upon store to store. They do not have a strict policy when it comes to dogs. All you have to do is call a certain store and inquire if they would let your puppy along with you.

PetSmart: The name says it all. You can take your puppy or any dog without any problems created by the store. We would say that it is going to be a social highlight of the pup’s entire week.

Walgreens:  This store will not be your favorite because it has the same policy as Walmart. 


We understand that you want to take your dogs inside the Wal-Mart or any other store. You hate these dog-friendly policies. Still, there is a need to know that these policies are made after some experiences. There might be customers who do not like dogs and have problems with being around them. In such a situation, Wal-Mart is a public place where you will come across other customer’s times and again. It becomes hard to avoid everyone because you might have to shop for the same thing. 

Avoiding people and dogs at Wal-Mart is a challenging task. Many of the customers might have complained to the store about the dogs. This policy is made for the customers’ ease; there is no hatred against the dogs because certain situations cannot be avoided without prohibiting the dog, such as the allergies. 

People with allergies cannot enter the premises. Another common-sense reason we can give you is that the store cares about the customers more than the animals simply because your dog doesn’t need to go grocery and food shopping. To take care of all the customers, Wal-Mart came up with these policies. So, if anyone asks you about bringing the dog into Wal-Mart, you now know the answer. Even if you feel like taking your dog, you know the answer to it.

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