Playful Elephant Takes Matters into His Own Trunk for a Good Scratch

An elephant at Fort Worth Zoo in Texas demonstrated his determination to get rid of an irritating itch.

During his daily brush down by keepers, this mischievous pachyderm felt a tickle in the middle of his forehead. Impatient to find relief, he took matters into his trunk – quite literally.

Instead of waiting for the handler to address the bothersome itch, the clever elephant snatched the broom from the keeper’s hands and used it to scratch his head vigorously.


The timely self-scratch proved incredibly satisfying, leading him to keep hold of the broom as he wandered back into his enclosure.

Image 439
When you’ve got an itch! The elephant couldn’t bare to let his keeper scratch him any longer

In August, the Fort Worth Zoo celebrated the arrival of its second elephant calf in just 30 days. Bluebonnet, a 14-year-old Asian elephant, gave birth to her first calf, Bowie, after an almost 22-month gestation period.

The Asian elephant, classified as endangered since 1976, faces significant threats due to habitat loss and poaching for ivory tusks.


Their ability to reproduce and counteract mortality rates is at risk in the wild. Zoos across North America are also concerned about reproduction rates, as they are not keeping pace with elephant mortality.

Image 440
 It began as the cheeky pachyderm was enjoying his daily brush down by keepers at Fort Worth Zoo in Texas

As a result, breeding Asian elephants in zoos is crucial for the future conservation of the species.

Fort Worth Zoo has played a pivotal role in elephant breeding and conservation. Welcoming Bowie was a testament to their commitment to protecting these majestic creatures.


The heartwarming moment of the elephant scratching his head reminds us of the importance of conservation efforts.

Image 441
But when he was overcome by a niggling itch right in the middle of his forehead he snatched the broom

Through these efforts, we can ensure that future generations will continue to marvel at the playful and intelligent nature of these incredible animals.

Image 442
So instead of waiting patiently for the handler to hit the spot, he snatched the broom from his hands and applied it to his head with vigour
Image 443
The zoo keepers quickly admitted defeat and left the beast to go about his business alone
Image 444
And the timely scratch was so satisfying that he refused to give the broom back and took it with him back into his enclosure

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