Playful Elephants Delightfully Slide Down Steep Bank to Reach Watering Hole

In a heartwarming and amusing display of camaraderie, a herd of elephants found a creative and faster way to reach their watering hole.

Rather than gingerly descending the 50-foot steep bank with their feet first, these intelligent giants opted for a playful approach – they rolled down on their sides and stomachs, forming a joyful and coordinated chain.

Image 451
The herd of 60 elephants took less than 20 minutes to slide down the bank towards the watering hole below

Captured on camera by amateur photographer Christophe Beaudufe during a safari at South Africa’s Kruger National Park, the incredible scene featured all 60 elephants supporting and nudging one another as they merrily slid down the sandy riverbank.


They reached their destination in less than 20 minutes and couldn’t wait to splash around in the refreshing water.

Image 452
The scene was captured by amateur photographer Christophe Beaudufe who was on his first safari

Mr. Beaudufe, who had the privilege of witnessing this unique behavior during his first safari, shared his excitement, “At first, I thought they had lost their balance, but they continued to slide down like children in a playground.

I could not see any elephant tumbling over, and all of them seemed to master the sliding techniques, on their side with their legs downwards.”


Observing the herd’s stress-free and playful demeanor, Mr. Beaudufe suggested that this particular group of elephants might be accustomed to such joyful journeys. Even the youngest ones seemed to delight in frolicking around once they reached the river bed.

Image 454

This heartening encounter serves as a reminder of the remarkable intelligence and social bonds shared among elephants, underscoring the importance of preserving their natural habitats.

These awe-inspiring creatures continue to teach us about the wonders of the animal kingdom, leaving a lasting impression on anyone fortunate enough to witness their incredible behaviors.

Image 455
A pair of elephants play around on the banks of the river after sliding down the slope
Image 456
The scene was captured on the Sabie River at the Kruger National Park in South Africa
Image 457
Mr Beaudufe suggested this particular herd was accustomed to making the downward journey

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