Playful Grizzly Cub Showers Mother with Kisses in National Park

Get ready to be charmed by an adorable four-month-old grizzly cub as it showers its mother with kisses in a captivating series of photographs.

The heartwarming scene unfolds in the picturesque Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

Pucker up, mum: Junior grizzly bear tries to land a big kiss on its mother’s mouth in the Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

In these endearing snapshots, the cub can be seen eagerly pursuing its mother, attempting to plant a series of smooches on her, even though the fully-grown bear doesn’t appear too interested in puckering up.


What begins as a playful tussle between the two soon transforms into a display of pure parental affection, melting hearts along the way.

Bear hug: Junior sticks the landing and even reaches up to give mama bear a hug as she carries on walking forward through the shrubbery

The mother and cub traverse the vast wilderness of the Grand Teton in perfect synchronization.

Amid their adventures, the curious cub even finds time to practice climbing on a wooden pylon.


The young bear gracefully positions itself naturally, allowing the wildlife photographer to capture the perfect shot.

The four-month-old grizzly stands up on its hind legs to reach up high and battle for a smooch with its mother.

Photographer Troy Harrison, a resident of Nashville, Tennessee, skillfully captured these incredible images.

Grand Teton National Park is renowned for its association with grizzly bears, making it the ideal setting for this heartwarming encounter.

The cheeky nipper goes in for one more kiss, captured by photographer Troy Harrison, 47, from Nashville in Tennesse.
That’s enough, youngster: Mama bear appears to have had enough and fires a warning shot at her baby. 
It was only a kiss: Junior is at it again, this time going for the less conventional sitting-down option to attack his mother affectionately.
En garde: The battle of love commences with the four-month-old grizzly back upright and jostling for a shot at the lips.
One last kiss: The grizzly cub lands one more on its mother before the pair wander off through the National Park.
The Bare Necessities: Mother and baby in tandem taking on the wilderness of the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.
The cub escapes the clutches of its mother to take on a pylon and flashes a look back at the photographer who captured the sequence.

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