Playful Octopus Turns the Tables on Diver by Filming Him Underwater in Cannes

In a delightful underwater encounter off the coast of Cannes, France, a curious octopus showcased its playful side by grabbing a diver’s camera and turning into an impromptu filmmaker.

The diver had initially dropped one of his cameras near a rocky area where he had spotted the inquisitive cephalopod.

To his surprise, the friendly octopus took hold of the camera and moved it around as if exploring its newfound gadget.


Unfazed by the unexpected turn of events, the diver retrieved the camera with the help of his other device. However, when he reached the camera, he was in for a comical revelation.

Image 270

The clever octopus, now equipped with the camera, turned its attention toward the diver and began filming him, seemingly understanding how the camera worked.

The diver couldn’t help but chuckle at the amusing situation, realizing he was now the star of an underwater show directed by a curious cephalopod.


The diver described the encounter: “During a snorkeling dive, I dropped one camera close to a rock where I saw an octopus.

Image 271

He decided to hang on it and move the camera. I dove to get it back with another camera and saw him in front of me, filming me. Funny time.”

This extraordinary interaction is a gentle reminder of the intelligence and curiosity of marine creatures like the octopus.


It also highlights the joyous and unpredictable moments one can experience while exploring the wonders of the ocean.

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