Playful Pup Joins Joyful Elephant for a Refreshing Watermelon Feast

Imagine a hot summer day, and the best way to beat the heat is by savoring a juicy slice of watermelon.

Well, humans aren’t the only ones who appreciate this refreshing treat. Meet Valli, a magnificent elephant at Skanda Vale, a sanctuary known for its compassionate care for elephants.

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Valli has an undeniable love for watermelons. She devours them whole, relishing every bite.

As one of her favorite pastimes, indulging in this delicious fruit brings Valli immense joy, adding a touch of sweetness to her days.

A friendly and curious pup approaches her during one of Valli’s watermelon feasts. Intrigued by the remnants of watermelon scattered on the ground, the playful pup joins Valli, creating a heartwarming scene.


Recognizing the elephant’s need for privacy while enjoying her snack, the pup respectfully keeps a distance, allowing Valli to relish her watermelon in peace.

The watermelon Valli is savoring is no ordinary fruitβ€”it’s about the size of a soccer ball! Her incredible strength slowly breaks it in half and savors each bite, showing how mighty yet gentle she can be.

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Her love for this delightful fruit is remarkable, reminding us that even the mightiest creatures have a soft spot for tasty treats.


This heartwarming encounter between the curious pup and the joyful elephant exemplifies the harmonious bond that can exist between different species.

It’s a reminder that even in the animal kingdom, sharing simple pleasures like a watermelon snack can create moments of pure delight and connection.

Watch the video below:


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