Poignant moment polar bear cub is made to catch up as family make 35-mile trek in snowy sub-zero temperatures

It’s a scene with which many parents will empathize.

A tired youngster drags their heels after spending a long, hard day traipsing around behind mum.

In the case of this polar bear cub, however, mum has enough and decides to take matters into her own hands or rather teeth.

She picks up her beleaguered cub in her mouth and powerfully swings it in front of her before dropping it back down on the ground.

This amazing sequence of pictures captures the family as they set out on a huge trek from their winter den to the sea ice and food in Canada’s Hudson Bay.

The bears weigh less than two pounds at birth and fatten up on their mother’s rich milk.

After emerging from their den they spend a few days growing stronger before the trip to the ice.

They will then be with their mother for the next two and a half years as she teaches them how to нuɴт for seals.

The pictures were taken by renowned American wildlife photographer Thomas Mangelsen over ten days often involving staking out the den for hours in sub-zero conditions.

Thomas said: “Their mother will keep them close by the den allowing them several days to chase and wrestle which strengthens their bod.ies for the arduous 35-mile journey to Hudson Bay.