Polar Bear Cub Gets a Lift from Mom in the Canadian Wilderness

In the vast Canadian wilderness, even the littlest feet can get tired. And when those tiny feet belong to a polar bear cub, a helping hand from mom can make all the difference.

One lucky cub found itself on a ride with its mother, creating an endearing moment captured by photographer David Jenkins.

Image 201
David Jenkins has spent 10 years documenting the bond between mother polar bears and their newborn cubs.

For a decade, Jenkins has been dedicated to capturing the bond between newborn polar bear cubs and their mothers.


His stunning photographs offer a glimpse into their lives in Wapusk National Park’s “denning area,” where polar bear mothers retreat to give birth.

Image 202
The heartwarming images are sure to melt even the coldest of hearts

To access this special location, Jenkins was granted a rare license reserved for top wildlife photographers.

Within this snowy wonderland, Jenkins observed the cubs as they ventured out, exploring their surroundings for the first time. With watchful eyes, their mothers watched their every move, ensuring their safety.


But the magic didn’t end there. Jenkins witnessed an incredibly rare occurrence: a mother polar bear caring for three surviving cubs.

Image 203
Three can certainly be a handful – so it is no surprise this mother is grabbing a few minutes of shut-eye.

The images captured by Jenkins evoke a heartwarming sense of connection and affection between the polar bear mothers and their cubs.

These precious moments remind us of the tender bonds in the wild, even among the fiercest creatures.

Image 204
Mother and cub are seen peeking out from their den – which will be their home until about March or April.
Image 205
This adventurous cub is trying to get a better look at the world around him with the help of mum.
Image 206
Polar bear cubs keeping warm in the freezing temperatures
Image 207
This mother looks a little less than impressed after her cubs turn her into a climbing frame
Image 208
It is hard to believe these cubs will one day be the same size as their parents
Image 209
Image 210
Three cubs are very rare for polar bears, who are more likely to have twins
Image 211
This cub appears to be using his mother as a sofa
Image 212
The polar bear cub holds on for dear life as mum sniffs out some food
Image 213
It looks like these cubs are having a bit of rough and tumble
Image 214
The polar bear cub peaks out from between mum’s legs
Image 215
And these two seem to be vying for Mum’s attention

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