Police Officer Assists Bear Cub Unable to Keep Pace with Family

In a heartwarming display of compassion, a police officer came to rescue a bear family facing a challenging situation.

The incident unfolded when the Town of Carroll Police Department in New Hampshire received a call about a bear family attempting to cross a road.

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The officer quickly arrived at the scene and noticed that the mother bear seemed agitated, repeatedly pacing back and forth across the road.

Upon closer inspection, it became clear that she was trying to gather one of her cubs, who could not keep up due to illness.

Despite the mother’s best efforts, the cub’s condition prevented it from joining the rest of the family.


Eventually, with a heavy heart, the mother bear made the difficult decision to leave the weak cub behind and continue with her other cubs. Sensing the situation’s urgency, the police officer stepped in to help.

The Town of Carroll Police Department explained, “After ensuring the safety of both the bear family and passing motorists, we intervened and took one bear cub in for rehabilitation with the Fish and Game Department.

The cub was too weak to keep up with its mother and siblings.” The department further revealed that this particular mother bear had previously lost another cub, the runt of the litter, who had been rescued the day before.


With the officer’s intervention, the mother bear can now focus on caring for her remaining three healthy cubs, while the two weaker cubs will undergo rehabilitation before being returned to the wild.

The Town of Carroll Police Department emphasized the importance of seeking professional assistance when encountering wildlife, urging people to contact their local law enforcement or the Fish and Game Department for help.

A witness named Jane Langmaid captured the heartwarming scene on video in Bretton Woods, a region within the vast White Mountain National Forest. From the safety of her car, Langmaid zoomed in to film the officer’s compassionate actions.


She expressed her admiration, saying, “I had the pleasure of witnessing the officer’s interaction with the bear family and capturing this video that showcases both the challenging situation and the officer’s genuine care and dedication. Truly amazing work!”

This heartwarming story serves as a reminder of the kindness and empathy that can be found even in unexpected places.


Watch the video below:


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