Powerful 2000+HP 1937 Ford Runs on Alcohol: Check Out Its Interesting Details and Specifications

Are you ready to be blown away? This video will leave you saying, “Wow!” The mind-blowing content in this video is sure to captivate you.

The video we share with you with great happiness and pride demonstrates us the world’s one of the most impressive and beautifully done customs.

The level of craftsmanship displayed on this excellent piece of machinery will take your breath away. We hear you asking what this is. Let us tell you, this is a 1937 alcohol-powered Ford with some crazy details and specifications.


This is the last level one can reach in craftsmanship and custom building. Thumbs up to the great minds and skillful hands behind this ’37 Ford! It is absolutely gorgeous. A charming appearance is not the only thing this ’37 Ford has.

It is also insanely powerful enough to produce more than 2000 horsepower. Driving it will be like flying a jet plane. It has air conditioning, a navigation system, a DVD player, power windows, power locks, an air ride, 4 4-wheel disc, parachutes, a 2400-watt alpine stereo system, etc.

Even looking at it through a screen is a pleasure. Hit the play button to hear this pleasure and make yourself into happiness!


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