Rainy Beginnings: Orphaned Elephants Embrace New Adventures at Ithumba Reintegration Unit

Esoit, Olorien, and Lodo, three orphaned elephants, have completed their time at the Nursery and embarked on a new journey toward reintroduction to the wild.

Bid farewell to the Nursery; they’ve moved to the Ithumba Reintegration Unit within Tsavo East National Park’s northern sector.

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Each elephant’s transition symbolizes fresh opportunities and experiences. Escort, resilient and friendly, thrives on making new friends, making a move to the Reintegration Unit ideal.


Olorien, found with a Maasai herd’s cattle, has blossomed into a mini matriarch but still needs nurturing at three years old.

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Lodo, rescued during a drought, is known for his gentle demeanor, earning him the nickname “gentle uncle.”

Preparation for their move involved weeks of familiarizing the elephants with the transport process. With Esoit confidently leading the way, the journey to Tsavo proceeded smoothly despite recent heavy rainfall.


Arriving at the Ithumba stockades, the graduates eagerly explored their new surroundings, enjoying their first taste of Tsavo milk.

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Welcomed by existing members of the Tsavo herd, including the young orphan Kauro, the newcomers felt at home amid the lush environment.

Adapting quickly, the trio embraced Tsavo’s red earth and enjoyed playful interactions with their companions. They now reside in ‘Class One,’ a step closer to integration into Tsavo’s wild elephant population.


Thanks to the support of foster parents, elephants like Esoit, Olorien, and Lodo are guided toward a natural existence in Kenya’s stunning habitat.

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