Rainy ‘Match Point’ Scene Left Scarlett Johansson Soaked and Displeased with Woody Allen

Renowned Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson, one of the industry’s highest earners, has a repertoire many in the acting world can only dream of achieving.

Her diverse roles have dispelled various stereotypes, but not all her experiences have been pleasant.

Johansson’s professional relationship with famed director Woody Allen began without the typical audition process.

Allen, citing his social ineptitude, had seen promise in Johansson’s earlier performances and believed he could help further cultivate her talent.

One of their collaborations, “Match Point,” saw Johansson cast as Nola Rice opposite Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ Chris Wilton.

Despite her extensive experience with challenging scenes, one scene in this film left her frustrated with the entire crew, including Allen.

In this scene, Johansson and Meyers were required to be thoroughly soaked; a condition made considerably uncomfortable by her costume – a pair of jeans.

Johansson recalled her dismay vividly, “Getting fully wet while wearing jeans is a very unpleasant experience.

Especially when you’re comfortable and warm, you’re told, ‘We’re going to dump buckets of water on you.’ I did not like my costume designer or Woody Allen that day.”

On the other hand, Jonathan Rhys Meyers was incredibly impressed with Johansson’s talent. Like Allen, he anticipated a promising career for the actress but expressed concerns about her potential choices.

“I don’t want to see her in the news about this boyfriend or that, or rehab or taking pills,” Meyers said. His hope was for Johansson to take her acting career even more seriously, much like the iconic Meryl Streep. It seems Johansson has indeed taken that advice to heart.