Rapid Rescue: Team Joins Forces to Save Injured Elephant in Tsavo East

In a swift response to a distress call from a DSWT (David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust) helicopter pilot, a dedicated team sprang into action to aid an injured Elephant cow located along the Voi River within Tsavo East.

The distressed animal, part of a herd of 10 others, had a wound on its left abdominal wall, oozing with pus.


To administer prompt treatment, the team opted for vehicle darting. Utilizing a Dan inject® dart rifle, they successfully immobilized the Elephant within six minutes, and it gently descended into lateral recumbency.


The identified wound, caused by an arrow with associated swelling, underwent meticulous care.

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The first step involved cleansing the wound with water and hydrogen peroxide, ensuring thorough cleaning and removal of necrotic tissues.

Subsequently, the team applied tincture of iodine and covered the wound with green clay for protective and healing purposes.


In addition to these interventions, the Elephant received long-acting antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs intravenously to support healing and reduce the risk of infections.

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This efficient operation highlighted the collaborative efforts of the DSWT team, showcasing their commitment to providing vital medical care for elephants in distress.

Beyond treating injuries, their goal is to ensure the well-being and survival of these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

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