Rare Albino Dolphin Sighted in the Gulf of California – Watch the Stunning Video!

Encountering albino animals is an infrequent occurrence, as this genetic condition stems from an organism’s inability to produce melanin, the natural pigment responsible for color in the skin, hair, and eyes. Albino animals often exhibit a striking white or pink hue.

However, nature occasionally surprises us, and a fortunate photographer recently captured a remarkable sight—an albino dolphin!

Watch the video at the end.


This extraordinary albino dolphin was spotted during a sightseeing tour in the Gulf of California, Monterey, aimed at observing blue whales.

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According to one of the tour guides, “Albinism in the wild is incredibly rare, and I believe this is the only known albino Risso’s dolphin in the Eastern Pacific.”

Experts familiar with this particular dolphin species estimate that it is merely a juvenile three years old.


They have been monitoring its growth, from its infancy to its current status as an adult swimming alongside a group of up to 50 dolphins.

While albino animals captivate human observers with their unique appearance, they often face health challenges. “Albino animals can be more susceptible to skin problems due to the absence of melanin, which typically shields the skin from harmful UV rays.

Additionally, they may experience compromised vision and hearing,” explains Kate Cummings, co-owner of a prominent whale-watching company.


However, in this case, Cummings notes, “As far as we can tell, this juvenile appears to be in good health.”

Risso’s dolphins, a distinct species known for forming close-knit groups of mothers and their calves, were likely in the Gulf of California in pursuit of their preferred food source, squid.

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